3 Important Habits for Personal Discipline 

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The article will stress about an important topic called “Emotional Health” and why is it important to feed emotional health with positive things rather than mindless scrolling.


The World Wide Web is the biggest content provider these days. One can’t help but scroll endlessly through content be it in the form of text, audio, or video. However, we don’t even realize that we are feeding our minds with the wrong kind of content when we scroll through the feeds of these social media websites.


It is important to filter the content we are feeding to our minds because what we see/read/listen to is how our brain responds to the normal life situations in general. A very personal idea of self-care is to cleanse out negative thoughts from the system. 


There’s no denying to the fact that we all need a major change in our lives and a big break from toxic habits. When we are thinking to get rid of the toxic habits, we need some good ones to replace them with. In this article, we are going to know about 3 important habits that are required for the personal growth of any individual. 


1. Spend the first morning hour full of positivity :


The biggest threat to the “healthy functioning of the human mind” is feeding the negative content to the emotional health during the first important hour of the morning.


Did you know that the first hour right after you wake up is the most active hour in terms of your brain’s performance? Don’t waste this precious hour on reading the social media content and fill your mind with the toxins. 


Rule #1: Don’t touch your phone for the first hour in the morning and replace this toxic habit with something positive. 


Here is a list of what you can do during the first hour of your morning to ensure mindfulness:


•  Practice Yoga : 


Many people prefer Yoga over Exercising because Yoga also helps you to control your mind and divert it in a positive direction.


•  Meditate:


Meditation is yet another wonderful habit that fixes your morning mood and gives you a good hour of mindfulness. 


The consequences of spending the first morning hour would be reflected throughout the day. Once you start practising this, you will radiate positive energy and will gain an overall positive outlook towards things. 


2. Spend the last half hour on mindfulness :

Be completely honest to yourself, how often does this happen to you that you doze off either in front of your television or with your smartphone in your hand? 


A sound sleep doesn’t only mean “sleeping for 8 hours straight without any disturbance” but the calmness of your mind also turns out to be a big factor when it comes to a sound sleep. 


Be it routine activities, deadlines, or the never-ending workflow, our mind never stops working throughout the day. Have you ever noticed that you often need a smartphone even when you have a spare hour with you and you have to do absolutely nothing? The extensive reliability to the smartphone has made us disabled up to the extent that we can’t even be left alone with our thoughts for even 10 minutes


This hack is a little difficult to follow but trust me; it works wonder in shaping up your mind.


•  Fix a time when you hit the sack; preferably it should be before midnight so that you are able to wake up early in the morning. 


•  Let’s suppose, you fix 11 PM as your bedtime. Challenge yourself to keep the smartphone/laptop/TV away after 10:30. 


•  The time between 10:30 to 11 is your alone time that you can spend with your thoughts or could fix a routine up for the next day or even just lay down to relax.


Throughout the day, our mind keeps running and taking the beat to do many things at once. It is very important to realize that the mind should be allowed absolute calmness for at least half an hour before you go to bed. 


Once you start following this, you would start noticing big changes in your sleeping patterns. 


3. Get your Mind a Positive-Feed Every day :


The way you train your mind, the way your mind is going to work on its own. If you spend hours binge-watching a crime series, you will automatically induce fear within your mind because you’re feeding it with such content regularly. This is how the mind actually works. 


In order to make your mind go in a positive direction, get it open to a positive feed constantly. Here is a list of things that you can actually try to achieve the same:


•  Do positive affirmations in front of a mirror :


Doing affirmations make your mind believe the positive changes that you can introduce to your lives. 


•  Listen to Upbeat songs :


Music is one of the best ways to charge yourself up because not only your but your soul connects to the music you are listening to. Make sure that you groove to the beats of upbeat music in the morning. 


•  Read everyday :


It goes without saying that the most significant advantage of reading is the exponential growth in the amount of knowledge you possess. Whatever you read, be it a story, a novel, a poem, an article or anything, it brings knowledge and a better understanding of the world. You get to visit places you probably cannot afford going to or going to yet. You learn of people both past and present and what made/makes them tick. 


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