5 Must-have Qualities Of A Powerful Leader

Leadership skills

Getting a significant number of people to follow you or your ideology is quite a task these days when most people do not want to step out of their comfort zone Once upon a time, it was a function of having great speechmaking power. An ability that helped men rouse thousands to action, inaction and passive resistance.


A skill which served men like Martin Luther King jnr, Cicero, and many others through the ages. However, nowadays, more is demanded of those who seek to lead others.  


Apart from your speech making skills, there are other qualities which must be developed. In this article, we are going to know 5 qualities that you should have in order to be a powerful leader.


1. Be honest:

A powerful leader does not only speak for himself but for the people he represents. Stay true to your beliefs and stand up for them.


While speaking, reflect the person you are inside. Dishonest and false fronts always crumble with time. The truth, though slow, always catches up with a lie.


Honesty attracts people of integrity, people who would aid you in those times when you might be tired or weak. Do not give up hope if people do not catch on at first. They will as time goes on.


2. Be open-minded :

No one who wants to lead can afford to be a loner. S/he must understand that knowledge is infinite and must learn to listen to what others have to say. While you should be confident in yourself and your abilities, you should also be open to gain from the wisdom of others.


Sit with people you admire, learn from them and teach yourself to be better. Moreover, people “who know everything” aren’t able to make much of a difference in this world.


3. Radiate energy :

A leader is a person who everybody looks up to. If you know how to influence people not just by your words but by your actions as well, you are halfway there. Be committed and exhibit high work ethic. This is not just working but working in such a way that your energy gets others around you to get involved.


Take a pledge, do your work and keep challenging yourself. And when you make the inevitable mistakes, learn from them and move on.


4. Connectivity :

Connectivity is as important as speechmaking skills to be a powerful leader. Making and keeping contacts of good people is the key. For that, you have to be good at small talk and random warm gestures.


Tip: A smile goes a long way!


Keep up good contacts with everyone because to remain steadfast you would need a good and stable support structure. At the same time, make sure that you don’t get into avoidable clashes with anybody because that just destroys your reputation.


5. Know when and what to say :

You would have a hard time listening to a blabbermouth about anything. In a nutshell, you should know the right time to speak.


Even your wittiness and sarcasm wouldn’t do any good to you if you deliver them at wrong times. Use clear language and be on point while speaking. To practice, stand in front of a mirror and talk to yourself about anything. It helps.