9 Fun Things To Do With Your Family During Holidays

Holiday with family


Wake early, get off to work come back stressed with just a desire to lie down and sleep. Then repeat. This describes our lives now. The hectic schedule we have which deny us enough time to rest, recuperate and spend with our loved ones.



Even those few times we are able to carve time for fun activities, we are so drained and unable to muster the energy to spark up the event. Sometimes, we end up staying in bed. One way around this is to have definite plans and things you want to do with your loved ones. Read on and see nine things you can do with your family during the holidays and other times.



Time spent with family is something to cherish. Not only is it fun, it tightens the bond and creates memories you can hold on to. These nine ideas would also ensure you are not glued to your phone as they require full attention.


1. Set up your space together :

You can decide to redecorate the house. Rearrange furniture, re-paint, and give your entire space a brand new look together. This can include making DIYs items that would be of use in the house.


2. Have a family game night :

Be it a quick game of carom, an intense round of monopoly or just a set of cards, it's nearly impossible to go wrong with a fun game night with your family. Keep some snacks handy and be ready to compete ;).



3. Go on a family hike :

You do not have to plan something outrageous, expensive or fancy. The idea is to just have a fun and adventurous day out with your family. Going out in the sun, climbing up a mountain, cycling, and a picnic with your loved ones is a great way to spend time. 



4. Pizza + Pajamas = Fun

A not-so-fancy meal, some snacks, loud music and/or classic movie can make for a really fun day with one’s family. This is a very good idea for those times when going out is not an option or the bulk of the family members would rather stay in.



5. Picnic in the park :

No matter how old you get, there are a few things you find you are unable to outgrow especially when surrounded by those you are comfortable around. Things like swinging, cycling through a park, sliding down a sled, etc. It definitely is a good idea to plan a picnic that would include these activities with your family. Soak in some sunlight and get ready for all sorts of fun.


6. Paint-a-thon!

You never know what wonder those splash of colours could do for you. This would not only bring out the craftsman in you but you get the chance to make fun of your sibling’s drawings and start a paint fight. It is all fun and games!



7. Plan a treasure hunt:

If you are a parent or are usually in charge of the young nieces, nephews and cousins, this is something you should look into. The treasure hunt would help while away the time, create a competitive but fun atmosphere, and boost the participants’ clue-solving skills. You can also create time for hide and seek. One benefit for you is the time the activities would allow you to catch a breather.



8. Make lots and lots of chocolates :

You go to a supermarket, get some chocolates, eat them – where’s the fun in that? Holidays are the time to try out those recipes and eat homemade food. Log in to YouTube and find some interesting chocolate cake recipes and make them with the help of your family members.



9. Go to the dollar store :

Going on a shopping spree with your family and buy things for everyone. The dollar store has a lot of organizers, decorative pieces, flowers, and toys at affordable prices. You can also grab a bite altogether while you shop together.