Heat Up Your Sex Life With Yoga Benefits


Boring sex life is one of the primary reasons for dissatisfaction in marriages and a significant cause for divorce.


So, if you are looking for ways to spice up your sex life, we recommend practicing yoga. You might be surprised to learn that yoga not only has spiritual or physical benefits but is also known to improve your sexual function.  


When practiced correctly, it can strengthen muscles surrounding the sexual organs and balance sex hormones too. It can enhance arousal, orgasm, and overall pleasure and satisfaction at large.


It helps to improve the mind-body connection that further enhances your sexual experience. Let’s see in detail how yoga can benefit your sex life. 


1. Improves Strength and Flexibility:

If you like to enjoy different sex positions, you know how much muscle strength and flexibility these require.


Yoga works just on that. Numerous yoga poses require you to lift your own body weight, which improves balance and strengthens muscles.


Also, all the stretching improves your body’s range of motion, making you more flexible to hold certain sex positions and enjoy the act too.


2. Improves Orgasm Control:

Many people complain of shorter orgasm length, which can completely ruin your mood. You will be surprised to learn that several yoga poses can actually help you lengthen orgasms as well.


Mula Bandh asana or the root lock is one such yoga pose. You have to contract your body from anus to the naval and lift it up towards the spine in this pose.


It gives the same benefits as kegel exercises by balancing sexual hormones and strengthening the pelvic muscles. This allows you to hold orgasms for a more extended period and enjoy sexual activity.


3. Increases Blood Flow to the Pelvis:

Yoga gives great attention to our pelvic floor. With our sedentary lifestyles, it is not uncommon that muscles around the pelvis become tight.


There are yoga poses specially designed to bring blood flow to the pelvic region. With regular yoga practice, you will find your core muscles surrounding the sexual organs getting stretched.


This will enhance the blood flow, thereby improving blood circulation around the genitals, offering you better arousal and orgasm.


4. Deep Breathing:

Yoga practice is incomplete without focusing on the breath. The breathing exercises taught in yoga allow you to breathe deeply into the pelvic region, thereby activating your sexual core muscles.


This, in turn, improves sexual function. Also, deep breathing is known for reducing stress and anxiety, further enhancing sexual performance by elevating your mood.


Your daily pranayama practice that involves deep breathing through the nose can also make you a better kisser, improving foreplay and oral activities.  


5. Enhances Relaxation:

A stressful mind can never enjoy sexual pleasure. They say great sex happens when you are genuinely relaxed. And, yoga is known for reducing stress and anxiety, thereby making you calmer.


When yoga becomes a part of your daily routine, you will find your cortisol levels go down.


Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone that always keeps the body in a stressed state. Yoga helps to reduce cortisol levels naturally, thereby elevating your mood and improving sexual function. 


6. Builds Mindfulness:


With our busy and stressful lives, it gets challenging to stay mindful of the present moment. In contrast, regular yoga practice brings awareness to our daily lives.


This awareness allows you to gauge your and your partner’s needs in a better way and respond to them accordingly. This leads to improved sexual performance and greater satisfaction. 


7. Builds Confidence:

Yoga is both an outward and an inward journey, leading to our authentic selves. Acceptance and letting go are the core principles of the yoga philosophy.


This applies to accepting our bodies and letting go of any anxiety around it as well, allowing you to love yourself without judgement.


This builds self-esteem and confidence, further improving physical intimacy with your partner and making your sex life more enjoyable.  


Now that we know how yoga can heat up your sex life. Let’s add a few yoga poses to our daily routine. Keep up with your practice for a few weeks, and let us know how your sexual experience improved.