How To Build Your Confidence


Confidence is key. It is important in all we do. Being confident brings many benefits including better performance, appreciation, and even get noticed by the people! With utmost confidence in yourself and your abilities, you can achieve everything you want to. However, confidence does not come easy sometimes.


This might be for different reasons. Could be because you have failed at it before, or people usually fail at it or the task looks impossible. Here are a few tips on how to boost your confidence. Always remember that it is a gradual process.

1. Positive Affirmation :

Staying positive, thinking positive and positive statements will help you the most in building your confidence. Positive affirmations like “I can do it”, “I am worthy” etc. will help you a lot.


Furthermore, you can also write such things on a piece of paper and put it where you can have a look at it daily.


2. Fake It Till You Make It :

Sounds funny, yeah? But it is true. Sometimes, you have to put up a confident front even if you are not as confident inside.


When you regularly act like you are confident, you will one day notice how natural that behavior has become. You will see that you are no more faking it. You really are now confident.


3. Dress Smart :

This works for me as well. Being well-dressed helps boost one’s confidence. Use of the right accessories, proper combinations, and a clean look that exudes confidence.


4. Speak Loud :

People react to how you speak. If you are one to not talk clearly, or pauses or cannot keep eye contact, you are deemed to lack confidence. So, to counter this, always speak clearly and loud enough to be heard. This is because we equate this kind of clearness with a leader. We assume the person can take charge of things.


Even in meetings and get-togethers, we look at the person who is the loudest of all. Hence, speak and speak clearly.


5. Body Language :

People who are confident and exude this confidence have a way they stand or look or act; their body language. They walk tall, keep their head high and speak while maintaining eye contact.


An unconfident person seems to shrink whenever attention is turned on him/her, trying to avoid being noticed. Let your body language project confidence.


6. Take Care of Yourself :

If you look good, you will be confident. Shed that extra kilo; make your skin look flawless, get that trendy haircut! Stay sexy, feel beautiful and boost your confidence. Once you feel good in your skin and body, it would come off as confidence.


7. Power Your Strengths :

Always highlight your strengths even as you work on your shortcomings. Do not waste time on your mistakes or shortcomings or else you would remain unconfident.


You should, by your own hand, kill your confidence. So, embrace your talents and do more of what you are good at.


8. Strive for perfection:

This is key. However, it is only good for you if you understand that you cannot achieve true perfection but can get really close to it. This is because no one is perfect.


It is like trying to reach for the stars. If you are unable to reach the stars, chances are that you would fall in the sky. Which is also a high place to be. Notice how even the confident people are not perfect.


Do not equate perfection to confidence. You do not have to be perfect to be confident.


Above all, do what feels good to you. Do what you enjoy and which makes you happy. Do those things that make you feel good about and with yourself.