How To Overcome Stage Fear

Stage fear

“Speak clearly. If you speak at all; carve every word before you let it fall,” says Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Creating an engaging and compelling presentation is not extremely easy for everyone. Stage fright is something that can affect anyone.


Even the most successful and brave person could be nervous sometimes in front of an audience. It is not just the fear of the audience, but mainly due to improper breathing or inability to provide compelling content.


As soon as you have stage fright, you may be shaky, nervous or even stand there with a totally blank mind. Nevertheless, facing stage fright is not rocket science.


You would be amazed at how easily  you overcome stage fright by tuning your body and brain properly.


1. Be Relaxed:

There are certain things you need to do while thinking about stage fright. A tension-free mind is the perfect condition for a presentation. Most of us don’t know how to breathe properly.


A proper long breath is an effective key to easing tension and stress from your body. As soon as you are relieved from tension, you get the confidence to grab your audience. Before going to the stage, you should revise your thoughts.


Take long breaths for a minute. Consuming a banana while rehearing enables you to relax your soul. Finally, stretch your legs, arms, and shoulder for a minute. That’s it!


2. Meditate:

Meditation and yoga are  powerful ways to relax your body, as well as steady your thoughts and voice. Meditate  early in the morning daily.


Find a comfortable place to sit and then close your eyes and start to meditate deeply. Meditate for 10 minutes before the presentation. It will surely keep you calm and let you express your thoughts as flowing like air.

3. Talk to others:

Most of us like to chat with their audience. It will lighten their tension and relax your brain. Before going on stage, it would be good if you talk to every person in the show. You can thank others as friends or neighbors.


When you start presenting your thoughts, you should thank everyone like your favorite actors, singers or whoever you want. There is a little science behind it. The thing is, it will let you cite your words in front of your loved ones  instead of the real audience.