How to Reduce the Addiction towards Social Media?

Smartphone addiction

There are some times when we do not know when we are addicted to something. The addiction is so aggravating that without that item, it will be impossible to function the entire day.


Social media, now, plays an important part in our lives. We often tend to get curious about what is going on in other's lives that make the platforms of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so popular. The need to upload a picture has become so imminent that people need the correct light and background to take pictures of their food first before eating it.


Some are weirdly obsessed with selfies. The past 3 years have seen the grossest form of deaths that have happened while the person was on a selfies chase.


 The madness has crossed its entire limit when I saw a man putting up a story on Instagram about how his soap is so slippery and he wishes he could change it. Please make sure you do not end up at his level of psychosis.


  Here is how you can lower the addiction to social media to a considerable extent.

1. Schedule your entertainment time. Create a routine as to what you ought to do all day and make sure you stick to it.


2. End the curiosity. Scrolling for hours and going through the news feed will never bring any actual positivity in your life. It is better to spend that time doing meditation and making your mind calm and enriched with positivity.


3. Follow your own routine and keep yourself busy. Start your day with morning yoga and end it by cuddling in bed with a good book.


Work very hard all day because you sleep only when you die. Make use of the time you have and benefit yourself by working hard to improve yourself.


4. You do not need external approval to know that things are right in your life. The hollow Likes in Facebook are not the only appreciation you need.


5. Try to keep away from all devices for at least 4 to five hours a day.


6. You do not need the digital affirmation that you are unique.

Once you try to follow these above rules, you will see that you are no longer driven by all the peer pressure. Most of the people are not genuine when they post images or status over the Internet.


For example, when you come across a pretty girl with a morning selfie with #WokeUpLikeThis tag, there is no reason to believe that she actually woke up like that. She may have spent an hour in the bathroom trying to fix her hair.

Some of the worst effects of social media are watching your friends becomes more successful than you. Some will get a better job, a better car, or a better-looking house on the beach.


However, the trick is not to get overpowered with jealousy. Although it creates a mental exertion that makes all your achievements appear puny, but know that you are in a much better position than him because you do not choose to show off on the social media platforms.