How to Turn Housework into a Workout

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With our busy lifestyles, it gets challenging to focus on our health. As a result, exercise becomes the first thing to be deleted from our to-do list.


However, exercising and staying fit is not something that has to be complicated with an elaborate workout regime.


When simple household chores are done correctly and in proper form, you not only get the cardiovascular benefits but also improve your muscle tone and gain strength. 


So, let’s discuss the ways in which you can turn a monotonous cleaning session into a legit workout. 


1. Dance While Doing Household Chores :

Playing some fast-paced music and grooving to its tune while cleaning your house is the best way to burn some extra calories, without getting bored.


You can create a playlist with your favourite songs and set a timer for at least thirty minutes to clean one area of your house.


Dancing will boost that blood flow, release your happy hormones, and give that post-workout glow. 


2. Do a Squat Every Time You Pick Up Something :

Doing a squat in a perfect form is such an underrated exercise to gain some lean mass.


Every time, you have to bend and pick up something, make sure that your back is straight, core tight, and knees bent deeply.


As you squat, try to stay in that position for ten to fifteen seconds before coming up. It is one of the best lower body exercises, working on all major muscles, including thighs, glutes, hamstrings, etc. 


3. Sweeping and Mopping :

Engaging your core by tucking in your stomach and keeping your back straight while sweeping or mopping is another fantastic way to build core strength.


You can also add a squat to reach areas below the sofa or table. Make sure that you use both hands to avoid any muscle imbalance.  


4. Do Lunges While Vacuum Cleaning :

You can add walking lunges every time you use a vacuum cleaner. Make sure that your knees are at a 90˚ angle, just above your ankles, your back is straight and core involved for a perfect lunge.


This movement will build your thigh muscles, glutes, hamstrings, and will improve your balance and core strength.  


5. Add a Twist When Loading the Washing Machine :

Washing clothes is an unavoidable household task. But you can add a twist to it by literally twisting while loading and unloading the washing machine.


This move will tone your entire midsection and core muscles, which will further improve your balance and stability. If you have a top-loading washing machine, you can do a squat to load one item at a time. 


6. Clean Windows and Doors by Hands :

To make the most of your window and door cleaning session, make sure that you use your hands’ full range of motion.


Make circular or long movements to work on the shoulder muscles. You can also hold a bucket in one hand while cleaning with the other for making the movement more challenging.


In the same way, avoid bending and do a squat to clean the lower areas of your doors and windows. You can also add calf raises to reach the maximum height and work multiple muscles simultaneously. 


7. Don’t Forget to Take the Stairs :

Taking stairs is one of the best ways to build both stamina and lean muscle. So, every time you get a chance to take the stairs, don’t avoid it.


Instead, you can add variations while climbing up. You can do a stair lunge by skipping a few steps, or jump at every step while climbing. Both these additions will improve your balance. 


You can also walk or run up and down the stairs about five to ten times. This will improve your stamina immensely. One way to incorporate this is by getting one item at a time.


If you want to make your stair climbing more challenging, you can lift your laundry bucket while climbing. It will act as a resistance and build strength. Make sure that you keep the bucket at 90˚ angle for working your arms. 


Now that you have found some exciting ways to make your household chores feel like a full-fledged gym session, it’s time to get started.


Follow these variations for a few days and let us know about your experience in the comments below.