Inspiring Things To Learn From Famous Fictional Characters


We all love watching or should I say binge-watching our favourite movies and TV shows right? They keep us so engrossed, we cannot wait to see the next scene and episode.


It feels like forever when we have to wait days before the next installment in the series. Quite a task it is to stop ourselves, right? Well, do not beat yourself up because we are not at fault. It is the producers.


They make the fictional characters so relatable so much so they leave an impression on viewers. Be it a famous protagonist or a ruthless antagonist, sometimes these fictional characters give us so much to ponder on. 


This article is dedicated to those fictional characters who have taught us so much. I know they are fictional but that does not make the lessons any less valid.

1. Have patience and keep doing your work – Cinderella

Remember how she was humiliated, forced to work and looked down upon by her stepmother and sisters? Remember how she kept on through it all? Not letting them keep her down or take her joy away?


If you keep working through the difficulties and humiliation, your miracle would come through. Your breakthrough moment can only come if you yourself are ready for it.
Cinderella got the happy ending she deserves. Got a magical shoe and ended up with her prince charming. Do not just wait for the miracle, work till it arrives.


2. Things will work out in the morning – Mowgli

Yes, that little Jungle Book human proved his point quite marvellously. We tend to get anxious and depressed over petty things in our lives.


However, things do look better with time. When we have had time to think things through, we find that things are not as gloomy as they looked at first.


Mowgli taught us to take it and not worry too much. Sometimes, it really is all just about the bare necessities.


3. Looks are deceptive, what we do is what that defines us – Batman

As he hides himself beneath a black mask and struck fear in the hearts of the criminals in Gotham, Batman still stayed true to who he is. Not just a vigilante but also a rich philanthropist.


Much as appearances are important, we should always keep at the back of our mind that appearances are sometimes deceiving.  Do things. Things that would outlast you. Because it acts people remember. They do not always remember what you looked like.


4. Good at something? Never do it for free – The Joker

It simply means to know your own worth. Life is a rat race with lots of twists and turns. You will get to meet all sorts of people. Those who will try to boost you up and those who will try to kill your dreams.


Even though Joker is the quintessential villain, he knew his worth and was right to ask that everyone know theirs. Do not let others define your worth for you.


Like the Joker, being different from the norm is hard work. He was a villain but he was so good a villain, he got other villains to follow him; a villain’s villain. Get good at something then bill people who need your service accordingly. Do not sell yourself short.


5. Sometimes, you don’t need to know it all – Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock is anxious, downright rude, crazy intelligent and, at the root, a sad person. Have you ever wondered why? Because he always wants to know it all! Sometimes in life, you need to shut yourself off and go back to knowing nothing because knowing everything can hurt you a lot. 


6. Adventure is up there, Ellie (Up)

Yes, besides that sweet love story, “Up” had a lot more to teach us. It taught us that the world starts at the end of your comfort zone. You should go out, seek fun because that is what life is. 


7. Life is all about making things right and moving on – Malgudi Days

Life is not a bed of roses. Sometimes it is kind, other times it is downright wicked. But you must hold on and move.


When you make a mistake, think on the why and how to avoid repeating it and then move on. Do not make the fresh mistake of wasting time regretting what already has been done. Work on yourself and things will get fixed with time.