Managing Social Media Stress with Mindfulness

Managing social media stress with mindfullness %281%29

Social Media was introduced as a platform to relieve yourself from the usual stressful life. A new platform where you could escape to and enjoy life.


It was designed to be addictive so that people keep having fun and come back for more. The latter did come true as people are most addicted to Social Media.


However, the former is far from what expected. People indeed meet new people on social media, but instead of spreading love, toxicity and stress are on the rise on various social media platforms.


There are so many people who have to uninstall twitter to get peace in their life. People have stopped posting personal stuff on Facebook and Instagram to stay away from stalkers.

This isn’t better described by jealousy, which people feel when they see people enjoying in their life while their life sucks like hell.


This stress slowly but surely creeps into the person’s life as he is more prone to frustration, anger. This changed behavior cause trouble in their personal life, which drives away close friends even far. And they fall even deeper in the pit of trouble.


Thankfully, there is a way they can climb out, and it is known as Mindfulness.


What is Mindfulness?

Have you ever focused on yourself while drinking water – a phase where you could feel the water touching your lips and then slowly float down your throat? And each drop of water feels refreshing as they enter your mouth.

This is an experience many of us are deprived of due to our constantly doing something. Majority of us never sit down and live a natural life-like focusing while you are eating, walking, observing different details of life as you walk past through certain.


These experiences calm us down and make us reconnect with nature to find inner peace.


How can Mindfulness manage Social Media Stress?

Every morning when you wake up and check your phone. Your brain is bombarded with notifications from different apps.


Suddenly your brain jumps from the inactive mode to hyper mode, which is never good for anyone. You need a stepping stone that eases off your mind and body to transition from inactive mode to hype mode. This is where Mindfulness comes into the picture.


So, instead of checking your phone just after waking up, focus on your entire body while getting up from the bed.

So, if you move your legs towards the ground, focus on your leg movement; feel them as you keep them on the ground. Then, focus on other hands, face as you move them.


This little exercise will help you reconnect with your body. Plus, slowly and steadily, you are getting in the mood of working.


So, you wake up with a happy mode and without any tension, which is rare when you check your phone. You can repeat this exercise during bedtime to comfort yourself before sleeping and ensure proper rest.


This will change your entire approach to your day with minimal effort.

Similarly, you had free time and thought of using social media. However, you end up being stress. So, you could use this technique to slow down yourself for a few minutes and let yourself reconnect with your body before making any move.


So, it can be a simple task as walking down the steps or eating food or anything else. Just do it slowly and focus on the movement.

If you are in a public place, breathe heavily. Or you could pick something or someone and then observe them and their movement.


If that is not possible for you as you might catch unwanted attention. Then close your eyes and listen closely to what the people around you are talking about.


You will feel calm, and this would take your mind off from social media stress. Find a new topic to discuss with yourself. This topic wouldn’t be harmful to you in any possible way. Hence, it takes off your social media stress while doing something interesting.


These are measures that should work for everyone who does it properly. However, if nothing happens or you want to stop the problem at the root cause.


Then, use this mindfulness technique while you are using social media. So, when you are scrolling down, commenting, sharing, etc. Just think why you are doing so and what good will it bring to you.


It might be difficult, but you would realize it is a waste of time and energy and no need to stress about it. In this way, you manage your social media stress without any big changes or effort.