Overcoming Shyness with the Opposite Sex

Opposite sex shyness

Retain your shyness and drop your shame- Sri Sri Ravishankar, Art of Living

Being shy can be beneficial if you know how to tackle it well. Shyness generally develops from the feeling of insecurity. It could be concerned about how people will judge you.


It can particularly ruin your chances with the opposite gender because they may mistakenly assume your silence to be self-centeredness.


You must be approachable to be liked and for that, overcoming your shyness is essential. Other people may find your shyness endearing if you display it in a moderate amount without being awkward.


Here is what you can do to overcome shyness with the opposite sex:


1. Define what you want to be: 

You will have to define how you wish people to perceive you. You can pose as either a wallflower or a charming person. Follow through the act then. If you wish to be charming, start acting like it.

2. Do not be too critical of yourself: 

Do not judge yourself harshly. Nobody, not even God can please all. You are merely a human being and you are allowed to make a faux pas.


Let it go. Retain what truly defines you without thinking about how you will be judged.

3. Be confident while striking a conversation: 

If you have already dared to start a conversation with the opposite sex then go with it no matter what. Take it as an opportunity to experience how well you can perform. Exude confidence. The other person doesn’t need to know how shy you are. And you can also admit that you are anxious. Both can work for you.

4. Find something of common interest: 

    When you have something in common, the conversation flows easily and naturally. You can make such a conversation stimulating with your passion for a common subject.

5. Observe and imitate: 

When you are unsure of how to talk to the other person, observe his/her stance and style of talking. If you imitate the same, the other person will get the signal that you are interested in talking to him/her. It will also raise your confidence.