The Four Pillars of A Fulfilling Career

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An average person spends somewhere between 50% to 80% of his waking hours at works. This is a lot of time of our day and consume a lot of our energy.


There is no surprise that a number of people are unhappy with their careers. In a nutshell, we are trading our precious time with frustration and money.


The important thing here is, were you feeling this frustration when you were running for your career? Why does your whole life feel like shit?


We are not implying that you don’t love your work, but you aren’t comfortable with the way you are currently spending your time.


You see, the problem is that you don’t have a fulfilling career. That is, you aren’t getting what you expect from your career.


There are four pillars of career, and if these pillars aren’t fulfilling, you feel sad about it.


1. Compensation :

We are all paid a salary for our work. The amount of money we receive makes you feel your work worth.


However, if you feel you are paid less than what you value yourself, you have a problem in this pillar. We are not talking about status or materialistic thing.


Imagine your colleague who is less experienced than you but is receiving better compensation than you. This makes you feel less compensated. Now you can’t do much about your colleague salary, but you can save your money or look for a better job which compensates enough for your job.


Moreover, work hard so that your senior sees your worth.


2. Work :

We don’t always get what we want. When we run behind money, we often sacrifice the type of work.


This leads us to the point that we sacrifice our choice of work for a job that pays more, but we hate it doing. Let’s take the entertainment business as an example.


A lot of people like singing, dancing and acting and they pursue it in theatres and plays. As we all know, it is very hard to earn big bucks in this sector.


An ambitious person might switch his work for better pay. If that is the case, we suggest you let go of either work satisfaction or compensation in such a case if we want a stress-free career.


3. Lifestyle :

Everyone has a different personality and preference. Like some like a lifestyle in a big city, others want a silent place. Hence, you should choose a job which suits your personality and current goals.


For example, if you don’t like travelling – then don’t take a sales job where you don’t have to travel a lot. This seems common sense, but you would be surprised at the number of people who hate their lifestyle.


Even a change of city can be a big disaster for many. You need a job where you can live the way you want.


4. Contribution :

No matter what anyone says, everyone wants to feel valued and important in their career. People don’t want to change the world or help a million people but make a meaningful contribution even to a few people.


When we do that and see the happiness in their eyes, the feeling is unmatchable. That is why we always want to be in a similar position.


For example, A the lawyer might leave its big firm job to help someone. They aren’t worried about money or status. Even a mild contribution is enough to make us feel happy.


So, if you don’t get that contribution in your work. You can always do charity to feel important.


How can you make a perfect career?


You need to realize that we live in a competitive world, and there is no such thing as a dream career. However, if you work hard enough, you can get close to a perfect career.


The key to that isn't related to smartness, education, or intelligence but your commitment towards your career.

You start by creating a plan that is realistic and achievable. You can ask a few of your friends and family to look over the plan.


The next thing is to go out there and start working. No matter how small the job is – you need to hustle and realize every big thing start from something small.


The next important thing is to realize there would be a lot of setbacks and failure. Don’t feel demotivated instead take those criticisms to become better in your career.


So, what is stopping you from fulfilling all the four important pillars of a career?