Why Self Talking is Important

Self talk

One of the most underrated self-therapies in this world is self-talking. Without knowing a zilch about ourselves we tend to make decisions for our lives and start setting our goals for the future.


Have you ever thought that while living in a fast-moving world, we start seeking the solutions to our general problems in haste when all we need to do is to calm down, relax, and know about ourselves? 


To those of you who don’t know, many senior psychologists suggest self-talking as an intense therapy to people suffering from anxiety and who are facing a zone of depression in their lives.


If you are still uncomfortable with this idea, I would suggest you try it in a bit with whatever it is hurting you at the moment.


Just console yourself and say to yourself that you are going to face it bravely and it shall pass away.


Let us now proceed further with this article and learn some interesting things related to self-talking.

1. I Can Do It:

If you are new to this, then first and foremost, you need to say this to yourself every single day till it gets perfectly fit into your subconscious mind.


If you want, you can stand up in front of a mirror and say this to yourself while picturing your success in your mind. You will be stronger than you will ever believe you can be!


This is one of the most positive mantras that you will help you to adapt in your life.


2. Think About Constructive Solutions:

Whose life doesn’t have a problem? If you are living, rising and experimenting with your life, then chances are that you are facing a ton of hurdles.


While you self-talk, what you should do is make your mind think of the constructive solutions to all the problems that are still persistent in your life.


Not for once should your mind wander over the “why me” scenario. 


3. I am Not Tired:

 Whatever must be going in your life, tell your mind not to be tired and not to give up.


Often, you tend to give up seeing a tough scenario in your life just because you set it in your mind that you cannot take it anymore.


Whereas in reality, everybody’s mind has endless capabilities to be able to reach out and explore a whole new different world inside that no one knows about.


If you think you are tired, you will be, so better think about it the other way around.


4.  I am Not Jealous:

Jealousy is something that will push you down without even letting you know about it.


Whenever you are feeling jealous at something, instantly get involved in a small session of self-talk and tell yourself that everybody has a different functional zone and everybody is destined to go in a certain way.


There is absolutely no need to be jealous of someone’s success, rather it would be better to get inspired from it.


5. I am Not All About Me:

Once you have started enjoying the self-talks, make sure that it does not isolate you and take every other person away from your life.


Yes, self-talk is quite addictive and you need to stay aware of this very fact that you have only started with the self-talk just for creating a perfect balance in your life.


If it is making you a lost guy, then minimize the frequency of it.


6.  Know When to Stop:

As I said, self-talking can be super addictive and can make you even dreamier than ever. The best solution would be to know your limits and to know when to stop.


The purpose of these self-talking sessions should be to make you more aware and action-oriented.


But if it is making you something else, then you should stop it right away and learn how to do it better.