Win the Fight With Yourself- Hit Away the Feeling of Self-Lowness

Self lowness

Self-lowness is a feeling when you feel neediness. The major problem with people is that they often fail to identify what they need in reality and that is the point when they start feeling low about themselves seeing others.


Say, the richest man in the town owns a luxury sports car and a person who is rich, but not just the richest owns a costly car, but not like the one that the richest person owns. 


Now, if this person owning the less costly car starts feeling the need for that car and is unable to buy it because of his financial status, and because of which he feels low, then such a person might be called to be one having self- lowness.


This situation is often seen in cases of a relationship between two people. If you think you face a similar problem, then do not worry. You can overcome such feelings easily without much problem if you try out these simple things: 


1. Aim As Per The Financial Status :

First and foremost discover what you really need and can really afford. Say, a regular four wheeler of a good nature is enough and affordable for you. Then, buy such and do not let a feeling of comparison develop within yourself.


One should be really particular about their financial capacity to pay back. I will never recommend a person who can own a Honda City easily to go even for the Base model of Audi, just to stretch a little to secure a higher lifestyle for people.


This does not make sense. As even if in case you pushed yourself, and bought the Audi with some Loan or something, every month you will feel the burden of a forced decision on you. 

2. Stay Contended :

Try to stay contended with what you have. Now, this is the most challenging demand. It is said that human beings are never content with what they have and the urge to have more is what motivates success.


But if such lack of self-content develops a feeling of lowness and neediness within you, then that is not the right thing.


Therefore, dream big but stay happy with what you have. This will encourage you to develop yourself and at the same time will help you to get rid of your self-lowness feelings. 


3. Buy yourself Time :

Give yourself some time to concentrate and know yourself. Practicing some yoga and meditation will help you to develop that feeling of satisfaction with what you have. And this will help you fight self-lowness.  


Self – lowness is a temporary situation created due to the depressed state of mind, hence it can be best cured when you start yourself time. Enjoy doing things, you love the most and start living for yourself.


You will realize that this feeling of dissatisfaction due to which the self-lowness stage had arisen will flush out and you will be a happy person who enjoy life full time. 


4. Stop comparing yourself to someone else :

Today everyone is unique and let it be any relation, every person keeps themselves before you. And if you are feeling low in a relationship, then the best way is to know that you are never competing with the person in-front of you.


So, stop comparing and try to be happy at your partner’s success and achievements. This will definitely help you. Every person has a unique skill-set according to which they excel, hence no second person stands equal to you when it comes to comparing two different individuals.


Let go, those who think that two people can be compared, I guarantee you that they will realize their mistake too, but till then don’t give yourself the punishment of feeling low. Enjoy what you have and update yourself on skills which you don’t have. 


5. Appreciate others, the process repeats itself :

As per the human tendency, we want to get appreciated for whatever we do, but are not willing to appreciate others who do a good job.


Hence, it is our prime responsibility to start doing what we expect others to do. Compliment people and appreciate their achievements rather than being envious.


Once you will start appreciating others, things will come back to you and you will feel motivated. This will definitely kick out your Self-lowness feeling forever.


Keep in mind, as no person has a replacement in the world, no one attains a right to feel depressed and waste their life cribbing about.


Life is a precious gift, enjoy it. Look for solutions rather than seeing what’s wrong? Look for what we can do to make it right. Then life becomes harmonious and enjoyable.