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    The Addiction Of Porn And How To Get Rid Of It

    Porn has always been a controversial topic. Some people are not interested in it; others are deeply offended by its existence, a few watches it occasionally while others consume it regularly.


    This boils down to everyone’s personal choice.


    As talking about porn is a societal norm, there is no official diagnosis for the addiction in almost all the countries of the world.


    This rises to an unusual situation, where people are aware of a problem, but no one is coming forward with a solution.


    So, in this article, we will take a deeper dive into the addiction and find ways on how to get rid of it.


    is porn addiction?

    If you like watching porn, then it is no big deal. It was created for entertainment. Addiction comes into the picture when you can’t live without watching it.


    Let’s take an example to understand this difference. You work in a high-pressure job, and you are very tired at the end of each day.


    Now, you watch porn after coming from the office each day because it makes you feel better. If one week, you are unable to watch it due to some reason.


    If you are fine with the situation and feel no urge to watch it, then it is not an addiction.


    However, you can’t control yourself, feel restless, and want to watch it at all costs. Then, it is definitely an addiction and quite intense.


    Porn addiction is similar to any other addiction, and if you don’t get what you want, you behave like a mad person.


    Is Porn addiction harmful?

    Any addiction is harmful, whether it is studies or drugs. It will harm you in one way or another. We need to understand that this is not a modern problem, and it has existed for a long time.


    But it has come to prominence due to the rise of the Internet, which gives you access to porn anytime and anywhere for free. Hence, a greater number of people are victim to it than before.


    Such is the increase in popularities that porn has niches. This is a very profitable business, and it won’t stop. So, if we want to get rid of porn. We need to do it by ourselves because porn won’t stop.


    How can you get rid of watching porn?


    1. Remind Yourself About The Addiction :

    There is a scene in Ted 2, where ted finds that Mark Wahlberg is addicted to porn. The first thing that the duo does to get rid is to delete the porn from the laptop.


    But they know, it can be recovered. So, as you do in a film, they destroy the laptop and throw it underwater.


    Not all of us have this luxury, and even if we did, it wouldn’t be of much use. The first step is to always set up the goal that you won’t watch porn.


    The easiest way to do so is to keep reminding yourself. Change your phone or laptop wallpaper with a cryptic message.


    You can also stick a note on your refrigerator of it. Or write it on your tissue box or anything else you do before you watch porn.


    2. Keep Yourself Busy :

    An idle mind is a devil’s workshop, and if you have nothing to do, your mind would automatically think about it. As you have no concrete reason not to do it, you would end up doing it.


    So, always keep your mind busy with something that interests you. It may be a video or mobile game, or drawing picture or any other hobby.


    This is not an easy task; you will face a very strong urge to watch porn. So, if your existing hobbies doesn’t keep you occupied, then find a new one which will.


    3. Talk To Your Friends :

    When you are in a crisis, there is no one better to talk to then your friends. They understand you as they undergo a similar experience, and this makes them a better option than family.



    Be open to them about your problem and give specifics if possible. Many will make fun of you, but they will also help you as they are your friends.


    4. Professional Help :

    When you have tried everything, but nothing works in your favor. Then you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out for professional help.


    This is an addiction, and it is quite normal, and there is nothing weird about it. If you get over this mental block, half your battle is already over.


    So, what is still keeping you to enjoy porn without being addicted?